amber construction & Design - Interiors

Amber’s homes are meant to be lived in. While the look may be reminiscent of an older time, the feel is relaxed, cozy and convenient. We believe elegance can coexist with comfort and can adapt the neoclassical look to meet modern-day demands. All mechanicals are modern and state-of-the-art but are incorporated into the esthetic without overcoming it.

As with our exteriors, we try to use as much vintage material as possible and call upon our extensive network of vendors to unearth distinctive pieces: plumbing fixtures, lighting fixtures, fireplaces, old beams dredged from bogs, housing hardware. When actual period pieces are not available, we contract with peerless craftsmen who can fashion superb facsimiles. Our work is distinguished by attention to detail.

81B River Road
Collinsville, CT 06019

Phone: 860-693-0040